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The elements of style: uncommon gemstones and precious metals, exotic inspirations and classic touches. Jewelry is a deeply personal expression that reflects the spirit of a woman and her unique sense of style. Each piece of Sarah Lindsey Jewelry is one of a kind – and reflects the artistic and ornamental traditions of cultures throughout the world.

Living in the Middle East helped shape Sarah's artistic vision. With a love of adornment both ancient and modern, she drew inspiration from the Bedouin artists, Yemenite silversmiths, and African and Indian traders she encountered in her travels - and Sarah Lindsey Jewelry was born. Immersed in the jewelry craftwork of the region, Sarah began creating her own ornamental designs, drawing from the ancient and contemporary. Later, living in Russia and years of extensive global travel added more cultural influences to her collections.

Sarah Lindsey Jewelry offers a unique array of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets - timeless designs uniting ancient and contemporary.

Sarah has been creating artisan jewelry around the world for more than 20 years. Inspired by the rich cultures and artistic heritage she experienced in her years spent traveling and living abroad, she synthesizes color, texture and design into unique, wearable art. Working with traditional metalsmithing techniques in silver, copper, brass, bronze and gold - and unusual gems and antique treasures she has collected in her travels - she creates timeless, one of a kind jewelry for the modern woman.